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Monthly Payment Plan is NOW Available

The Monthly Payment Plan through Nelnet e-Cashier is NOW available!!

We have extended the deadline for 5 payments until May 30th.. Sign up now!!!

Students MUST create Autorized Payers (parents/guardians) for them to sign up for the Payment Plan.

Students:  Follow these instructions

*  Go to and log in with your ID# and password
*  Click Student Accounts, Student Records, Nelnet then Nelnet QuikPay
*  Click on the Authorized Payers tab to set up your parents/guardians

Authorized Payers

*  Students must invite you (parents/guardians) as an authorized payer first
*  Once you receive the invitation via e-mail, click on the link within the e-mail
*  Once you sign in, click on "make a payment", then click on "payment plan"

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