E-Bill FAQ

What is Nelnet QuikPay?

Nelnet Quikpay provides online student billing statements and real time activity.

Why does Vassar College use Nelnet QuikPay as the official billing method?

Nelnet QuikPay saves paper and postage, is accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere with internet access, allows easy access for parents and other authorized third parties, and eliminates the need to wait for paper bill to arrive.

Can other people view my E-bill and make payments?

Yes. You may set up other individuals such as a parent, guardian or other third party as “Authorized Payers” to view your e-bill and make payment online. Any Authorized Payer you establish will receive an email notification each time a new E-bill is available. If your parent or guardian typically pays your term bill, Vassar College encourages you to establish that person as an Authorized Payer. There is no limit to the number of payers you can authorize to view and pay your e-bill.

Should I make a payment if I don’t know what my financial aid package will be?

Yes. If by the due date the Financial Aid award has not yet been finalized, you should make a payment based on the previous year, if applicable. If you are participating in the monthly payment plan through Nelnet e-cashier, upon notification of your award, you may either increase or decrease the amount of your contract. If you are not participating in the payment plan, you may request a refund if the award creates a credit balance. Any balance due must be paid immediately to the College. If your financial aid is not finalized, this will prevent the student from participating in room draw, registering for classes and possibly not returning the following semester.

Why isn’t my work study award credited to my account?

Work Study authorized by the Financial Aid award does not show as a memo or credit on the bill because the funds haven't yet been earned and the payment is made directly to the student.

What is a memo? Why doesn't my outside scholarship show up in the memo balance?

A memo is any amount that is expected but the requirements have yet to be met. An example of a memo is a Perkins Loan for which a student has yet to sign a Promissory Note or complete the Entrance Interview. Students receiving outside scholarship awards must provide acceptable documentation prior to the published payment deadline. Acceptable documentation includes a copy of an award letter, billing authorization, or sponsorship letter. Unless specifically stated in the sponsorship letter, all outside scholarships will be evenly applied to the fall and spring semesters. Providing this documentation will allow the college to memo the amount on the monthly statement until the award is received.

Do you have a payment plan?

Vassar College offers a payment plan through Nelnet e-Cashier. Nelnet offers an interest-free monthly payment plan which can make your education payments more convenient and affordable. Instead of lump-sum payments, e-Cashier allows you to pay all or part of your educational expenses in manageable monthly installments. Students and Authorized Payers can sign up through Nelnet E-Cashier.
Once logged in, click on 'make a payment' then click on the button for 'payment plan'.  Playment Plans need to be set up for each term.

How do I figure out how much to budget with e-Cashier?

The comprehensive fee (tuition, fees, room and board) are currently available on our website. This amount, plus the insurance (unless waived) less any financial aid, if you are a recipient, will determine your per-semester e-Cashier contract amount.

Please remember to budget with e-Cashier for each semester. By enrolling in the E-Cashier monthly payment plan, your account receives a Memo each semester for the amount you contracted for that particular semester. Once Vassar College receives your payment, we will post the payment to the student account and reduce the payment plan memo by that amount. Although Student Accounts can provide assistance, you are responsible for determining the contract amount.

I am on the monthly payment plan. Why is there a balance on my account?

If you are on the monthly payment plan and a balance due still remains, you may have under-budgeted your contract. You may view your account to determine the amount outstanding. You can pay this amount directly to the college or increase your contract online.

My Nelnet e-Cashier contract was terminated. How is this reflected on my account? What do I do now?

Once Vassar College receives notification from e-cashier of a termination or a cancellation, your student account will be updated to reflect the amount paid to date. Any remaining balance is due immediately to the college.

Why am I charged for the student medical insurance when I cancelled it last year?

All students are automatically billed each year for insurance, even if cancelled in a previous year. Each year a student must submit a completed online waiver form by the required date in order to have the charge for coverage reversed, and to confirm continued coverage in another insurance plan.

How do I get a refund if there is a credit on my account?

Students with credit balances may request a refund by contacting Student and Employee Accounts. With all written inquiries please include your name, student ID# and make sure you have completed your direct deposit information online so we can issue your refund electronically.  Please be sure your account reflects a credit balance. Refund requests will not be honored until there is an actual credit on a student's account. Monthly Payment Plan participants must either wait until their contract is paid in full or they may opt to decrease their budget by the amount of the credit.

Why do I have a hold on my account?

A hold placed on a student account is due to an outstanding balance. Vassar College requires the withholding of bookstore charging, issuance of transcripts, and certifications of academic records from any person whose financial obligations to the college (including delinquent accounts, deferred balances, and liability for damage) are due and unpaid. Students who have a hold may be prevented from participating in room draw, pre-registration, receiving or having a transcript mailed to another institution, and receiving their diplomas. The hold will remain on the student account until any outstanding balance has been resolved or all resources have been received.

My account is with a collection agency, can I arrange a payment plan with the college instead of the agency?

Once a student account has been placed with a collection agency, the student should discuss payment options directly with the agency.

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