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Vassar College has selected Nelnet Business Solutions to be our provider for Electronic Billing, Payments and Refunding.  Nelnet e-cashier is our provider for the monthly payment plan for our students and families.

Nelnet QuikPay


All students will receive their bill electronically.  An email will be sent to the student's Vassar e-mail address each month when a new bill is available. Students will access Nelnet Quikpay through Banner Online.  Follow these instructions to sign in to view your account on Nelnet and also set up authorized payers:

> banneronline.vassar.edu

> click "Enter Secure Area Now"

> enter your email address and email password

> click "Student and Financial Aid"

> Nelnet

> Nelnet Quikpay

> Click on 'authorized payers' to set up your parent/guardian to receive a statement each month.

Students:  Click here to sign in to Banner Online.

Direct Deposit  (Available for STUDENTS ONLY)

If there is an overpayment on your account or if you are going abroad for a semester and have excess funds from Financial Aid, it is important to set up your direct deposit information so we can issue a refund to you electronically.  Once you log into Nelnet QuikPay, you will see 'Direct Deposit' on the left sidebar.   Click the link and follow the instructions.